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The rainy days of fall.

We've tucked away all our gear for winter and are pondering just how to make our next season memorable & fun. Although we're not in the fields, farmers around the state are still busily tending to crops and bringing their harvest to farmers markets and farm stands near you. Hop over to our partners page to find contact information for a few of our favorites, or visit the Oregon Farmers Market Association to find a winter market near you!

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Farmers Ending Hunger.

This summer with your help, we raised $22,575 for Farmers Ending Hunger. That translates to approximately 180,600 servings of healthy, locally grown foods that will reach the tables of Oregon's hungriest residents. We're delighted, amazed and so incredibly grateful for your generosity. Together we can truly make a difference! (If you're looking to make an end of year charitable donation just visit their website)