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Grand Central Bakery

Grand Central Bakery has been gracing our tables with their delicious rustic artisan loaves for more the better part of a decade. Their values are at the heart of the company and sustainability touches everything they do – from where they source their ingredients to how they care for our employees and invest in the community. In fact, Grand Central Bakery was the first Pacific Northwest bakery to become a Certified B Corporation, making them a part of a global movement of purpose-driven businesses dedicated to social and environmental issues.

In addition to their bread (our staff is particularly fond of the Calamata Olive and Campagnola) Grand Central’s pastries, sandwiches and soups start with the best local and sustainable ingredients. They partner with innovators and small mills to strengthen the local grain economy and shorten the time it takes for grain to get from field to bread.They also work with researchers, millers and growers to bring more whole grains into artisan baking.

We’re not alone in thinking Grand Central Bakery is dynamite, they’ve been named one of 20 Great American Bread Bakeries (Saveur); acclaimed for having the best store-bought pie crust (Seattle Times); listed as one of Portland’s 5 Best Bakeries (Travel & Leisure); and ranked in the top cohort of the national Good Food 100 list for 2019.

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