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Consulting Services

Erika Polmar created Plate & Pitchfork Farm dinners to reconnect diners with the people and places that grow and craft their food. In the process of growing her business she developed a keen understanding of the land use, regulatory and economic issues that often challenge agricultural and culinary producers. She has proven success in developing pathways, partnerships and policies to overcome these obstacles and support the continued development of responsible agritourism. Erika has contributed to the growth of Agritourism in her home state of Oregon as a participant in the Oregon Agritourism Network, a presenter at the Oregon Small Farms Conference and a contributor to Travel Oregon's Agritourism Handbook.

Prior to launching her agritourism venture, Erika honed her marketing, brand & product development skills in positions at CitySearch, Carman Ranch, Ecotrust, Eleven, the Oregon Multimedia Alliance and J.K. Carriere Wines. When she's not helping farmers, ranchers and chefs grow their businesses, she's enthusiastically working to end hunger in Oregon through the Plate & Pitchfork Fund in partnership with the MRG Foundation and with community organizations such as Farmers Ending Hunger.

Erika has cultivated a team of experts who can assist you in launching or growing your agritourism, food, beverage of non-profit venture. Maria Grzanka, Ellen Jackson and Stephanie Anderson Stroup can work with you independently or as a team. We'd love to hear about your needs please send a note or call 503.852.1031.

Agritourism Liability Signs

There are two laws that offer limited liability for agricultural businesses -- the Equine Limited Liability Law and the Agritourism Limited Liability Law. It's recommended that farms advised these signs at the entrance to their farm, and at other locations on the farm where these activities take place. Signs stating the Equine Limited Liability Law are available for purchase from most farm stores, but they don't have Agritourism signs yet, so we do!

They're available for purchase in our Square Store. Please note shipping is not included in the price, and pick up or delivery is available. For the best purchasing experience drop us a note first so we can determine your best options.
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