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Stephanie Anderson Stroup

Visionary, Facilitator, Teacher, Mentor

When Stephanie built her company, Twist Cocktail Catering Co., she didn t immediately realize that she was pioneering an industry. Eleven years later, the beverage catering industry has taken on a life of it s own, creating a lucrative niche in the special events market. Having bootstrapped her company from the ground up, Stephanie appreciates the challenges that being the CEO, CFO, marketing director and the chief bottle washer can bring. After successfully selling her company in 2018, Stephanie has shifted her focus to mentoring other budding entrepreneurs who seek her experience in systems integration, customer service, sales pipelines and culture creation.

Stephanie has a penchant for all aspects of small business development from the planning and launching of initial operations, to the building of systems that make a company successful.Her ability to provide and coach customer care not just customer service but a nurturing and active engagement with guests has consistently received accolades. Stephanie s previous experience working in nonprofits and the public health sector have honed additional skills in patience, public speaking and group facilitation. Outside of work Stephanie is a yogi, a reader and an avid outdoorsman. When there isnt snow under her skis, you ll find her on the trail with her bike or her boots, exploring new territories with her husband and her pups.


Event Producer & Experiential Marketing Coach: Owning Twist and managing two vacation rentals has led Stephanie to conclude that it is less about providing a product or service, and more about producing an experience for guests. Producing over 200 events each year for Twist taught Stephanie that it s not about the party itself, it is about how the guest is going to feel while attending that party, the unique experience they can have during that party, and the selfie they can take while there. She s worked with numerous business owners to help them turn their ideas, products or services into five star customer experiences.

Vision Planner & Business Mentor: Stephanie got her first dose of vision planning while working on smokefree workplace legislation in her public health positions. Understanding that clear visions set the direction of planning for an organization, she later honed her use of vision exercises with her employees, fellow board members and even in personal relationships. In the past two years, Stephanie has mentored other small business owners through vision planning exercises to help them create clear goals, objectives and work plans for the growth of their companies.

Customer Service Savant:While working as the Operations Director for BendFilm, the bar was raised for customer service standards where filmmakers are treated like gods, film goers are treated like demi gods.Stephanie s experience with BendFilm taught her that little things make a difference, the unexpected is a wow factor, and that customer service standards are something every member of an organization from president to volunteer must love and embrace. After adopting this concept in her company, Stephanie later systemized her customer service and created a training program that has been shared with other business startups.

Teacher, Facilitator & Public Speaker:As a Public Health Educator in her previous life, Stephanie taught health curriculums in schools, hospitals and community centers and continues to teach the Stanford Curriculum Living Well with Chronic Conditions. She has facilitated several community coalitions and continues to facilitate an Opportunity Knocks ( business mentorship) group. With a Bachelor Degree from Iowa State University in Speech Communications and experience leading everything from student councils to nonprofits to business networking groups, Stephanie seeks out opportunities for public speaking and facilitation.

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