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2014 Beneficiaries

We have a long-standing tradition of supporting non-profit organizations in our community that work to preserve our environment, build our food systems and educate our next generation of farmers & eaters. In 2014 we're putting all our might behind three organizations: Zenger Farm, Oregon Environmental Council and Oregon Tilth. Read more about each of these hard-working groups and please join us in supporting them.

Oregon Environmental Council

Founded in 1968, Oregon Environmental Council is a nonprofit, non-partisan, membership-based organization. They protect the health of every Oregonian and the place we call home by working for clean air and water, a healthy climate, an unpolluted landscape and sustainable food and farms. Oregon Environmental Council works to create innovative change on three levels: with individuals to live green, with businesses, farmers and health providers to thrive with sustainable practices and with elected officials to create practical policy. Learn more by visiting oeconline.org

Oregon Tilth

Oregon Tilth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to biologically sound and socially equitable agriculture. They provide organic certification services for producers, processors, and handlers and conduct education, advocacy, and research to support and promote organic farmers. Funds from Plate & Pitchfork will support the Transitioning Farmer Network a program designed to help farmers assess transition readiness and risk and take advantage of tools for transition, including Federal conservation assistance. The program also works with food processors, wholesalers, and retailers to develop market strategies that support transition and help more farmers access Oregon’s flourishing organic market. Learn more by visiting tilth.org

Zenger Farm

From preschoolers who pull their first potato from the soil to families who gather in the kitchen to cook a nourishing meal together to the next generation of farmers who learn the nuts and bolts of small-scale farming, Zenger Farm is a hub for healthy food and community connection. Now in its fifteenth year, Zenger Farm empowers youth and adults with the tools necessary for healthy living and self-sufficiency by offering field trips, farm camps, healthy eating workshops and farmer training programs. To address the root causes of hunger, Zenger Farm crafts innovative food access programs such as Lents International Farmers Market and Zenger Farm Shares, one of Portland’s first SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) Community Supported Agriculture programs. Zenger Farm is guided by a vision of a healthy, resilient community where the wellbeing and prosperity of children and adults is enhanced through access to affordable, plentiful and nourishing food. Learn more by visiting zengerfarm.org